Quite simply, we want to get you brewing and drinking better coffee.  In order for us to be successful at what we do here at Uncommon Ground, we harvest a tremendous amount of respect for the roasting process – it is the most crucial phase of coffee production that unveils the full flavour profiles of the 100% Arabica beans we proudly source and use.  It is within this intricate roasting process that each individual flavour and characteristic of the various coffee beans can either be displayed, greatly intensified, or just as easily diminished.

We want to showcase the individual qualities of the coffees we serve, meaning that we don’t want to taste the influence of the roasting process – it should merely be a process by which we unlock the coffee’s potential. To ensure we achieve the consistency that our customers expect, we employ a combination of roasting intelligence software, strict quality control and good old fashioned honesty to guarantee that every bag of coffee you receive exceeds the exceptional standards of both the customer and of ourselves as the proud producers of fine coffee.

We cup all our coffees for the following qualities: aroma, flavour, body, acidity, sweetness, aftertaste, and balance. This ensures our coffee is consistent and of exceptional quality. Speciality coffee shouldn’t be complicated; its an affordable luxury product that should be accessible to everyone, and it is our responsibility to share this luxury on a daily basis with as many people as we can.  We want speciality coffee to be a part of your daily life – from takeaway coffee on the way to work, to catching up with a friend on a lazy Saturday afternoon. If we can make these small moments in your day as special and enjoyable as possible, then we have achieved our goals with pride, and we will continue to take great pleasure in the work that we do each day.

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