Rwanda, PB Karamba – 1kg


Cup Profile: Delicate, warming, floral and intense coffee with flavour notes like Blackberry Pie, Grapefruit and Hibiscus.

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The name Karamba, besides it sounding like the shout “AY KARAMBA!!”, is actually a mix of the 2 PB lots it is build from. A lot of great coffees are going to “waste” in the milling process. 

Meaning when the producer is milling our “micro” lots by screen size 15 and up for our regular export, the screens 14 and 15 and the peaberries are sold at a really low price as undergrades. This is not because they are bad coffees, but because there is traditionally no one that’s buying these screen sizes as specialty.

The result is great, they are cupping well. It’s also great for the producer as he will get additional premiums for all the hard work he is putting in to his production of specialty.

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Weight 1000 g