Honduras, Organic Jesus Lemus Leon – 250g


Cup Profile: The citrus tasting notes are dense and pleasantly acidic, with a beautifully balanced honey like sweetness.

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Jesus Lemus Leon is the owner of the farm El Mandarino, which is situated at 1450masl in the Gualme area of Corquin, Copan. The farm is planted with Catuai, Obata and Lempira, and 4 hectares is in full coffee production underneath the natural forest. Gualme is an area known for its great growing conditions for coffee and the wonderful cup quality and Jesus in particular has a very citric cup profile. Jesus has benefited from being able to dry his coffee in the centralised mill. 90% of his production is micro-lots. Jesus coffees show great complexity, combining the natural acidity and sweetness from the prolonged ripening at his farm and the fruitness and complexity added by immaculate processing.

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Weight 250 g